Modified starch


Modified starch

Specification: Modified starch  

Native starches have limited application. They are not stable and very conditional on the temperature, ageing, acidity and salt. That is the reason why native starches are to be modified in order to adjust their properties and extend application range.

Modified starches are the starches which properties are targetedly modified as a result of physic, chemical, biochemical or combined treatment.

Modified starch doesn’t belong to genetically modified organisms (GMO) because it is a substance and not an organism and doesn’t have genes.

Types of modified starches produced by ROQUETTE:

CLEARAM - starch with viscosity developed on heating

PREGEFLO - starch with viscosity developed on cooling

CLEARGUM - starch with viscosity developed on heating


  • mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, salad dressings
  • soups
  • dairy products
  • fruit preserves, fruit stuffing, jam
  • flavors
  • pasta and vegetable products
  • bakery products
  • confectionary products
  • meat and fish processed products