EXPONENTA GROUP is international diversified holding company founded in 2008. It includes 10 food production and sales enterprises.

Holding's enterprises are located on the territory of Republic of Belarus (6 factories), the Russian Federation (2 factories), Ukraine (1 factory) and Georgia (1 factory). The total number of employees of the company is more than 2000 people.

The main directions of EXPONENTA GROUP production are:

  1. innovative and functional products;

  2. traditional whole milk products;

  3. meat and sausage products;

  4. canned fruits and vegetables.

EXPONENTA GROUP partners are well-known international companies and holdings. PEPSICO and DANONE place orders at our production sites.

All products produced by our holding comply with international standards HACCP, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000.

The factories are being regularly modernized with high-tech modern equipment, innovative technologies and know-hows. As a result we can produce wide range of natural products with no GMO and preservative agents.


Modern business approaches enable EXPONENTA GROUP to improve current assortment portfolio and enhance it with unique innovative products. Our key advantage is our focus on advanced milk processing, waste-free and eco friendly production.


In 2014 we launched from scratch a new whey processing line and started manufacture of innovative and unique product at the market - a low-calorie fermented milk drink with a high protein content under EXPONENTA brand. This brand became the leading one and later the whole holding was named after the brand. EXPONENTA drinks have no analogues in the world. They benefit effectively replenish the daily protein intake, have nutritious power and effectively relieve hunger. The product is recommended for people with healthy lifestyle and willing to stay in good shape.


In addition to innovations we do not forget about traditional whole milk products. We produce milk, cottage cheese, butter, cheese, yoghurts and other fermented milk beverages. Our products are well known in the markets of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Ukraine and we aim for constantly expand the geography of our supplies. We are currently actively entering international markets with high quality B2B products: whey powder, whole milk powder, mozzarella cheese, etc.

Since 2020 EXPONENTA TRADE became a part of EXPONENTA GROUP holding.

EXPONENTA GROUP and EXPONENTA TRADE are always open for offers and cooperation!